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How to Tell Your Roof Needs Replacement

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For most people, they never think of the roof surface over their heads – not until drops are pouring through to the wall, ceiling, or floor. When you install a new roof, and you take good care of it, it will last years. You could count over 25 years of service from the roof structure. However, there comes a point when you have to replace it. Contact metal roofing services in TX for replacements, repairs, or maintenance. That said, what are the signs of installing a new roof?

The Paper Trail – 25 Years Old Rood

To find out if your roof needs replacement, start by looking at the records. Go through the papers to see when it was installed and if there have been any replacements or reshingles. A roof installed over the existing shingle layer may need replacement after 20 years, but for many other roofs like typical asphalt shingles may be replaced after 25 years.

The Outside - Physical Damages

Check the shingles to see that they are not ship-shaped. Shingles should be flat on the roof. Also, see if the flashing is in proper shape. A droopy, sagging roof needs replacement before further damage could occur in the house. Rotting boards, sagging spots, trapped moisture – can indicate all is not well with the roof.

If your commercial building experiences roof damage try to seek commercial roofing installation in TX for replacement. A repair may also work if the roof isn’t extensively damaged.

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